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Royal Owl


Our brand, like our rum, is built on the values of passion, truth and purity.


Passion is our driving force. It’s what fuels us every day and continuously pushes us to chase perfection. We believe it’s what the art of distilling is truly about—and that our rum is a testament to that passion. Every batch we produce is distilled with expert skill and sharpshooter-like accuracy, resulting in a world class rum. 


We achieve this standard by honoring our heritage and those who came before us. Tradition is knowledge, and that knowledge is our truth. It is the foundation of our methodology, and why we choose to distill in one of the world’s few Caribbean double retort pot stills. It’s also the reason we choose not to flavor our rum, but allow time to infuse our rum traditionally, through barrel aging. Sometimes the old ways are best. Pure and simple. 

Yes, pure and simple. We take water, cane sugar and yeast and make rum. No additives. Just rum. Extraordinary rum. We are emboldened ambassadors of its quality and natural character. Whether you are a first time taster experiencing a craft cocktail or a seasoned connoisseur looking for a spirit with the complexity to be enjoyed neat, we know there is a rum for you. 


At Tinker & Marksman, rum is our lifeblood. We live it and breathe it every day. And it is our sincerest hope that you come to enjoy the versatility and depth of flavor that this spirit has to offer as much as we do. This rum is our gift to you

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